The following call, promoted by the Festival In\Visible Cities-Contaminazioni Digitali and by Associazione Quarantasettezeroquattro, in collaboration with A. ArtistiAssociati and PimOff, is open to single artists, groups, collectives, companies interested in presenting:

  • interdisciplinary creations that emphasize technological and artistic interlanguage dialogue(performance, theatre, dance, new technologies, music, walks, explorations, installations, etc.)
  • installation and/or performance creations in public spaces

The call supports:

    • projects to be developed in residence in two or three steps, hosted by:

– Festival In\Visible cities/Digital contaminations (Turriaco, end of June-early July; Gradisca d’Isonzo, end of August-early September 2022)

– ArtistiAssociati (Gorizia – under definition)

– PimOff (Milan, indicative period September-December 2022)

  • hospitality of a project that has already debuted in urban or theatrical spaces

Given the characteristics of the call and the necessary adaptation of the project to the local context, flexibility in readjusting, designing and developing projects is required.
Priority will be given to projects that manage to explore 2022 focus:

Starting from the following suggestions, the artists are prompted to submit performances that directly concern the Isonzo river, or reflect more broadly on the relationship between rivers, peoples and territories, history and memory, environment and landscape.

The Isonzo river is one of three brother rivers, as the legend has it; it is a line that connects and, at the same time, divides. It connects Slovenia, where it rises known as Soča from one of the most beautiful karst springs in the Julian Alps, with Italy, where it flows into the reeds and marshes near Grado.
It connects two cultures, reminding us of how, over the last few centuries, they have shared paths, turning points, tragic events and great inspirations. It connects two territories that are ultimately one, running parallel to the state border and overcoming it, ignoring it, near and around Gorizia.
At the same time, the Isonzo river divides, has to be crossed, has to be overcome, exactly as a border.
This river has been frontline. During World War I it became an emblem and a namesake of 12 battles where the King’s subjects and the Emperor’s subjects faced each other, leaving many traces behind, wrought in marble, in the city, on the Collio hills, in the Karst.

It’s a river that has multiple borderland memories flowing in its waters.
The Isonzo river is also a clear trail, emerald green, unmistakable, in an environment characterized by hills, vineyards, mountains; a beautiful scenery, lightly brushed by the Bora wind, weaker than the one blowing in Trieste.
It’s an environment where human beings can identify as “a compliant thread/in the Universe”; it’s also an environment able to give “a rare joy” as it did to the poet-soldier Giuseppe Ungaretti.
The river’s first stretch shapes a valley, full of waterfalls, rapids and rocky gorges, burrowing majestic pools and ravines.
Towards the estuary, the land becomes a marsh in which fresh and salty water merge, surrounded by woods and damp meadows, shelter to birds both resident and migratory.
From the high Slovenian huts to swamp fishing in the Fiumicellese area, through the Collio vineyards and the Rosa Goriziana plain, the Isonzo river holds everlasting evidence of the people that have shaped the territory and nourished its fruits; the same people that were able to enrich its biodiversity.
The Isonzo river is also a natural resource: providing gravel that has been used in the Cement plants in the ‘50s, used as an energy source, and harnessed for its fish.
This same river has not always been respected by humans: they polluted its waters and diverted its course. These are behaviors that, both today and in the past, rose and raise discussions around the importance of protecting it.

RICHIEDO ASILO ARTISTICO è curato e organizzato da:

  • In\Visible Cities – Contaminazioni digitali (Associazione Quarantasettezeroquattro)

In collaborazione con

  • a.ArtistiAssociati
  • Pim Off (Milano)

Con il contributo di

  • Regione autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Camera di Commercio della Venezia Giulia
  • Turismo FVG
  • Comune di Gradisca d’Isonzo
  • Comune di Gorizia
  • Comune di Turriaco