Media Mediterranea 17 – urban multimedia festival will take place from 20th to the 22th of August 2015 in Pula, Croatia. The locations include Uspon Pavla Đakona, Uspon Konzula Istranina, gallery Sveta Srca and gallery Makina.

The theme of this year’s edition is “In/visible Pula”.

This year’s festival is a spin-off of the European project “In/Visible cities: Urban multimedia festival, which took place in Gorizia, in June 2015.

The theme of the project in general is the relation between multimedia and the urban context which is presented through urban art installations, audio/visual performances, concerts, exhibitions, etc.

Media Mediterranea festival will host some of the international artists who participated at the festival in Gorizia, but also Croatian artists and the local community, in order to contribute to a better understanding of the urban context and to the development of new media culture.

The festival is a non-profit project and all events are free.





Festival opening act – IZLAND & jesusonecstasy (SLO)

20.08. / 20:00 h / Gallery Makina


IZLAND is a project focused on exploring the creation of abstract visual realities, based in experimenting with various analog techniques. It draws inspiration from chemical experiments, interactive artworks, experimental film and animation, the principles of cymatics and mechanical gadgets. Jesusonecstasy is using analog synthesizers and a digital drum machine he designed and built himself to create electronic music in real time.

The music based on improvisation is not limited to a single genre but emerges through a knowledge of the capabilities of the gear. The music moves from atmospheric sounds to break beats, passing through low tempo and IDM with an omnipresent electro feel.



You are here… elsewhere – Matthieu Tercieux (FRA)

20.08.– 22.08. / 21:00 h / Uspon Konzula Istranina


A monumental urban interactive map, a journey that begins under your feet, in your neighborhood, and takes you to the stars. The projections react to movements in real-time allowing the visitor to explore every corner of the image.

The contents of these animations are the result of creative workshops which included children (3 to 12 years old) who drew Pula as they perceive it. The workshops where organised in collaboration with Gradska knjižnica i čitaonica Pula, association Piccoli Terremoti and association Aboriginal.



Lum.e – Matthieu Tercieux (FRA)

20.– 22.08. / 21:00 h / Uspon Pavla Đakona


House walls are being transformed in a playground in which the participants project their colored shadows on the wall and create shapes with their bodies. The result is a big interactive art work. The space in front of the kinetic sensor becomes a place of socialization and play, and the space on the walls becomes its colorful reflection.



12 sati kasnije / 12 hours later – Davorin Marc (SLO)

20.08.– 22.08. / 21:00 h / Uspon Konzula Istranina


What happens when we film the event in the morning and then project it 12 hours later from the same point on the same area in the 1 to 1 scale? What do people, light and sound tell us? Are they the same, similiar or different than 12 hours before?


234th day of the year – A. Sinkauz, N. Sinkauz, I.M. Klif, M. Piškulić (CRO)

22.08. / 22:00 h / Gallery Sveta Srca


Day of the year is an experimental audio-visual project by the brothers Alen and Nenad Sinkauz, Ivan Marušić– Klif and Miroslav Piškulić, which explores the relation between live video act and sound. The audio material is a dislocated version of noise, drone, techno and industrial. The name of the performance is changed every time depending on the ordinal day of the year, thus pointing out the improvisational.


In\visible Pula – Association Metamedia

  1. – 22.08. / 20:00 h / Uspon Konzula Istranina, Uspon Pavla Đakona


Association Metamedia organized a photo contest through which the citizens became authors of postcards of Pula. On the photographs you can see Pula as seen by its citizens and the city details that reflect the authors’ memories and emotions. The best photographs are printed in the form of real postcards and can be taken for free on the location of the festival.


Voice(s) of the city – Pamela Moscarda + Thing.is, Lean Radolović and association Metamedia

20.08– 22.08. / 20:00 h / Uspon Pavla Đakona


Cities often hide interesting stories that inhabit what is seemingly and superficially an empty space. This interactive audio installation calls for revealing stories connected to the tunnel Zerostrasse, Uspon Pavla Đakona and Uspon Konzula Istranina. By participating in this installation you could find out about interesting stories from the “in/visible Pula”.


In\visible Istria workshop presentation – Oleg Šuran and association Metamedia

The installation presents the results of a workshop held in Poreč and Pula and produced by In/Visible cities festival. The workshop was designed as a multidisciplinary team work, composed of experts from different professional fields such as design, architecture, history, culture and creative industries. The main workshop task is aimed to create concepts for the development of a mobile/web application that would present targeted cities and public spaces in a more personalized and engaging way. Such interactive app should involve all users’ senses and provide an authentic experience of the in/visible public spaces.

Mini party – PulaP Reggae Station, Team Hazzard (Arboretum), DJ Marino, VJ Zeko

Every day / 20 – 23h / Uspon Konzula Istranina



  1. Matthieu Tercieux and Edouard Souillot
  2. Marc Davorin
  3. Gašper Milkovič-Biloslav and Marko Vivoda – IZLAND
  4. Mitja Cerkvenik – JESUSONECSTAZY