[header]GORIZIA 8-22 MAY 2017



[one_third]Cities are lively, composite, constantly changing spaces; houses, streets, squares, courtyards, industrial buildings, green areas form a rich visual, audio and tactile mosaic. Human beings live and act in these spaces creating relationships and conflicts, both among them and in relation to the urban spaces.[/one_third] [one_third]The festival will involve artists from all around Europe to explore connections between visible and invisible cities through art and multimedia languages. The art works will act directly on physical spaces transforming them in active, significant elements able to tell stories and transmit emotions. The new technologies will [/one_third] [one_third] offer a variety of approaches to research what does not appear visible within the cities, their histories and the many stories of the different communities, the social and economic relations among their inhabitants. The artworks will also explore the human ability to imagine and to plan for the future.[/one_third]



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[header]2017 Edition: migrA(c)tions: stories, perceptions, experiences[/header]


[one_half]The third edition of In\Visible Cities will focus on the theme of “migrA(c)tions: stories, perceptions, experiences”. Through digital arts and the languages of multimediality, the artists are invited to explore in a broader sense the experience of migration. This is a very hot issue that is present in our everyday life and affects all countries in different ways.  [/one_half][one_half] This theme is often dealt with superficiality, particularly in the public discourse, where the stereotypes are reiterated without knowledge and comprehension. The Festival aims to be a chance to offer alternative visions and narrations, “different” gazes and points of view, even in contrast amongst them.[/one_half]


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[header]The program[/header]


[one_half]From 6 to 29 of May: 3 weeks of residence during which artists from all the Europe will realize site specific performances and installations.
3 weeks of multimedia installazione at the public market of the city about “After the earthquake”.
[/one_half][one_half] From 25 to 29 of May: 5 days of performances, shows, interactive and multimedia installations, talks and workshops.


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