Open call #1 – English


Art. 1
The following call will select individual artists/artists’ groups/companies/collectives proposing a multimedia project, either an installation or a performance. The artwork must explore relations among different media and languages developing projects based on live performances, video mapping, photographs, sounds, texts and their interactivity. Special attention should be made to the new languages developed on-line via social media and to the new technologies based on IT, virtual reality, relation to humans and machines, robotics.

The call encourages site-specific projects in non-theatrical spaces, especially disused commercial locations, empty shops, small squares or courtyards. The artworks should explore the relations among performers, multimedia languages and urban spaces. In addition to that, the call supports proposals that include opportunities for participatory activities with local residents.

The 2019 edition of In \ Visible Cities – “Leonardo: images from the future. Art and science imagine the world to come “- will select works whose scope of investigation is directed towards the complex relationships between art and science, starting from the suggestions offered by Leonardo.

Art. 2 Periods e locations »

The selected artists will be invited to take part in the two expected periods of residence:

– Sheffield (Great Britain): end of April/beginning of May 2019 (University and Millenium Gallery)
– Gorizia (Italy): 1-14 July (In\Visible Cities)

The performance installation must be presented to the public within the events program of the Millenium Gallery in Sheffield and the Festival In\Visible Cities in Gorizia in one or more dates to be agreed.

Art. 3 Participants »
The call is open to multimedia artists and creative people of any discipline and nationality, resident in Italy or abroad. The participation of artists’ groups is allowed. Participants must be aged at least eighteen at the beginning of the first residency in Sheffield.

Art. 4 Main selection criteria »
– quality and originality of the proposal;
– consistency of the project proposal to the Festival’s artistic line;
– consistency of the project proposal with respect to the 2019 Festival focus – “Leonardo: images from the future. Art and science imagine the world to come “;
– feasibility of the project in terms of cost, time, technical equipment and logistics;
– artistic curriculum;
– potential of works for development and revival in other contexts.

Art. 5 Application »
Applications must be sent using the appropriate on-line form at the following address: no later than 1 April 2019.

To be considered valid each application must be accompanied by:
– full project description with videos/pictures/installation proposal;
– work-plan describing the actions to be completed during the residency included participatory activities with the general public;
– artist/company description, artistic CV and website;
– technical rider.

For more information or any question regarding the on-line form please contact the following email address:
Art. 6 Commission »
All the proposals will be evaluated by the partners’ artistic commission.
The results will be final; they will be published on the website –
by 6 April 2019 and they will be sent via email to the selected artists.

Art. 7 Terms and Conditions »
The total gross fee for each artist or group of artists/collective in residence will be:
– 1.700,00 Euro

Sheffield University and In\Visible Cities will provide a communal accommodation to the artists in residency both in Sheffield and in Gorizia (maximum of three people for each group of artists/collectives).
In Gorizia (Italy) the artists might be hosted by local families taking part in the programme “Gorizia Visible City”.
Each artist, group of artists/collectives shall bear their own food and transport costs.

The selected artists commit themselves to stay and work in Sheffield (1 week at the end of April 2019 or first week of May) and Gorizia (1-14 July 2019) during the entire residency except for serious and proven impediments.

Any profit will go to the Festival and specifically to the Quarantasettezeroquattro Association, which will sustain the artistic copyrights costs.

The possible expenses of feasibility will be ascribed to the group / company.

Artists, group of artists/collectives are committed to include the writing “in collaboration with In\Visible Cities – Urban Multimedia Festival, Gorizia” and the logo of the Festival in all the on-line and offline promotional materials and in the credits of the artworks.

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