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GORIZIA / 15th-28th OF OCTOBER 2018



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Edizione 2018

acquasumARTE / Audio Video Memory Eexperience

Zona K / No home for Cinderella


The following call, promoted by In\Visible Cities Festival and the organisation Quarantasettezeroquattro in collaboration with PimOff Theatre, is open to individual artists, artists’ groups, collectives, production studios interested in participating to the Festival by proposing multimedia art works: shows, live performances or installations.

The focus of the fifth edition of In\Visible Cities Festival is “Building sites. The narrative of jobs, guilds and professions from the past and present times”.

The participants can propose:
1) a completed artwork to be installed/performed during the Festival (15-28 October 2018)
2) a project to be realized in the formula of “artistic residency”; depending on the proposed art project the residency will last one or two weeks, from 22 to 28 October 2018. In addition, one of the selected residency projects will continue in Milan within the PimOff Theatre programme, from 29 October to 7 November 2018.

The proposals should develop original reflections on the current job issues, from the young people difficulty in entering the labor market opposing the old generation leaving it to the better management of resources locating jobs in old trades and in craft industries; from the narration of precarious living conditions to the utilization of new technologies and digitalization for an economic recovery; from the Italian development of new apprenticeship schemes and trainings both for Italians citizens and migrants to the narration of the ‘brain-drain’ phenomenon and the job situation within others European countries. Last but not the least the proposals could tackle the whole issue of work practices and exploitation.


The call is open to multimedia artists and creative people of any discipline and nationality, resident in Italy or abroad. The participation of artists’ groups is allowed. Participants must be aged at least eighteen at the beginning of the Festival.

Main selection criteria »
– Quality and originality of the proposal;
– Consistency of the project proposal to the festival’s artistic line and 2018 theme “Building sites. The narrative of jobs, guilds and professions from the past and present times”;
– Feasibility of the project in terms of cost, time, technical equipment and logistics;
– Artistic Curriculum;
– Potential of works for development and revival in other contexts;

Applications must be submitted on-line by 3rd of September, 2018 via the following web form.

Before completing the e-form the candidates are invited to download and to read carefully the call.

When completing the e-form the participants must select either the residency or submit a project already prepared for installation/performance.
submit a project already prepared for installation/performance.
To be considered valid each application must be accompanied by:
– full project description with videos/pictures/installation proposal;
– artist/company description, artistic CV and website;
– technical rider;
– for the residency only: work-plan describing the actions to be completed during the residency;

The application must be completed using the e-form.
For more information or any question regarding the on-line form please contact the following email address:

Commission »
All the proposals will be evaluated by the partners’ artistic commission. The results will be final; they will be published on the website by the mid of September 2018 and they will be sent via email to the selected artists.

Cachet »
The Festival will provide a communal accommodation to the artists in residency (maximum of three people for each group of artists/collectives). Each artist, group of artists/collectives shall bear their own food and transport costs; these rules apply to both artists in residency and artists NON in residency.

The total gross fee for each artist or group of artists/collective will be:
– 800,00 Euro for artists in residency coming from Friuli Venezia Giulia region
– 1.200,00 Euro for artists coming from elsewhere then Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Italy or abroad
– 1.700,00 Euro for artists selected for the double residency, in Gorizia and in Milano

– 500,00 Euro for artists NON in residency coming from Friuli Venezia Giulia region
– 800,00 Euro for artists NON in residency coming from elsewhere then Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Italy or abroad

All candidates must submit their proposals using the on-line form by 3rd September 2018.